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Tips for Individuals

Donating a car to charity
Donating works of art to charity
Can you deduct your club dues?
Qualifed state tuition programs
Tax aspects of caring for an elderly individual
Retention of tax records
Year-end planning
Year-end tax strategies for market investors
Deducting education costs
Deducting health insurance if self-employed
Medical savings accounts
Taxation of lottery winnings
Tax treatment of scholarships
Basis of residence in a divorce
Tax implications of divorce
When married couples should file separate returns
Tax planning for college
Costs of long-term care and insurance qualify as medical expense

Tips for Businesses

 Withdrawing cash from a closely held corporation
Limited liability companies
Business meals and entertainment
Deductibility of skybox rentals
Deducting the costs of a spouse on a business trip
Why a partner reports more income than he receives
Split-dollar life insurance for key employees

Estate Tips

Keeping Life insurance out of your estate
Maximizing benefit of exemption
Deduction for qualified family-owned business interests
Qualified personal residence trusts
Charitable remainder trusts

Key changes for tax year 2001
Key tax developments in the first quarter of 2001
Medical expenses of self-employed
Nanny tax
Offers in compromise
Year-end tax strategies for stock market investors
Tax strategies for saving money when filing tax returns

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